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5 Most Affordable Laser Tag in Singapore For Groups and Corporates [2024]

Most Affordable Laser Tag in Singapore

Most Affordable Laser Tag in Singapore
Most Affordable Laser Tag in Singapore

Laser Tag in Singapore has become one of the most popular games in Singapore. It originated from the gaming and arcade version. In laser tag, players use guns that fire infrared beams. They will fire at the infrared-sensitive targets worn by their opponents. The laser tag arena is filled with obstacles and participants are to work together in a team to defeat the opposing team!

Now that you know what laser tag is, let’s dive straight into 5 most affordable laser tag in Singapore!

1. The Fun Empire

Affordable Laser tag - The Fun Empire
Affordable Laser tag – The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire is the biggest and most popular Laser Tag company in Singapore. The Fun Empire has organized more than 10,000 events for over 800,000 participants. Talk about experience! If you’re looking for something that focuses on team building and bonding, The Fun Empire is the place for you!

In fact, The Fun Empire is the leading provider of team building activities in Singapore where most of their activities were developed to incorporate teamwork.

The Fun Empire offers a hassle-free laser tag experience throughout. Players would embark on an exciting journey as a team and put their skills to test while using advanced laser tag guns. Ultimately, The Fun Empire is the market leader for laser tag and will be your best choice.

In addition, The Fun Empire’s laser tag events are all privately organized just for your group. This means that you will get the privacy of just your team! They also have many venues located across Singapore. All of the venues are conveniently located within walking distance of MRT stations.

If you want to host your laser tag event at your own location, such as laser tag at the east coast park, The Fun Empire provides affordable laser tag packages. The company is able to organize your laser tag game at your office, school venue, condominium functions, and just about any location in Singapore!

You can also customize your laser tag experience and requests can be incorporated.


Cost: From $15/pax (can play up to 3 missions, depends on the time you have)

2. Laser Tag Singapore

Affordable Laser tag - Neon Laser Tag
Affordable Laser tag – Neon Laser Tag

Laser Tag Singapore has different modes of laser tag games while keeping the price affordable. As a company that provides only laser tag, you can expect one of the best experiences with the laser tag equipment, venue, and setup. Laser Tag Singapore specially created a unique neon laser tag experience, the first of its kind in Singapore, that promises to create an amazing laser tag game experience.

The company provides both indoor and outdoor laser tag games. The games are great for team-building games, laser tag birthday parties, cohesion events, school camps, and carnivals. Participants can come in both small and large groups to engage in this affordable yet entertaining laser tag.

Laser Tag Singapore is also able to do large events with advanced booking. If you are looking for a fun event and want an affordable experience, Laser Tag Singapore is the perfect choice for you!


Cost: From $15/pax (1 mission)

3. Team Building Singapore

Affordable Laser tag - Team Building Singapore
Affordable Laser tag – Team Building Singapore

If you’ve heard of Team Building Singapore, you would probably know about their excellent laser tag packages that are meant for team building! As a very affordable laser tag, they specially design their activities to incorporate team bonding, communication, and camaraderie.

Their activities are perfect for corporate team building as their facilitators are well trained to deliver quality team bonding programs that help improve teamwork. They have different game missions that keep participants engaged throughout the event. They also provide a debrief session to reinforce team-building elements learned from the game. This is a rather affordable laser tag in Singapore.


Cost: From $15/pax (1 mission)

4. Laser Quest Singapore

Affordable Laser tag - Laser Quest Singapore
Affordable Laser tag – Laser Quest Singapore

You will definitely have a lot of fun at Laser Quest Singapore! When you do a session with them, there are ‘no trainers, no observations, no debriefs’. The only staff around are there to conduct the games! They are a very affordable laser tag in Singapore.

For Laser Quest Singapore, there will be more flexibility in the game. But, it also means that you and your team would need to have some background knowledge about laser tag. This would be great for experienced players who want to skip the introduction and start the game straight. Laser Quest Singapore also has many different types of guns for you to choose from.

This place is probably better for groups that are not playing laser tag for the first time (or have participants that know how to play laser tag). They do have affordable laser tag packages that are a fixed half-day program. This will give your team the break and time they need.


5. Home Team NS

Affordable Laser tag - Home Team NS (Credit: Kidlander)
Affordable Laser tag – Home Team NS (Credit: Kidlander)

Located in more inconvenient locations in Singapore (such as Tampines or Bukit Batok), Home Team NS is a place that offers affordable laser tag to Singaporeans. With one of the lowest prices, we find Home Team NS perfect for having casual fun in groups or with your colleagues. If you do not require sophisticated equipment that still does its job, this would be a very affordable laser tag. What’s more, there are discounts if you are either a Safra or Home Team NS member!

They are able to accommodate a maximum of 20 players for one mission and it would be in groups decided by the staff in charge. The venue is not private and that means different groups can play concurrently unless a private event is booked. Home Team NS has two locations – Tampines or Bukit Batok.


Cost: From $14/pax (1 mission)

We have come to the end of this article, we hoped that the contents in this article have helped you a little in finding an affordable laser tag in Singapore!

Finally, do contact us here if you wish to book an affordable laser tag game with us.

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