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5 Interesting Laser Tag Fun Facts [2024]

Laser Tag Fun Facts

Best Laser Tag Fun Facts
Best Laser Tag Fun Facts

Laser Tag is a gameplay involving guns that emit fire infrared beams. You may not know that there are many types of laser tag games available today. From an indoor-themed laser tag to outdoor laser tag games, you are guaranteed to have fun! But before starting on any laser tag game, here are just 5 laser tag fun facts.

1. History of Laser Tag

Laser Tag Fun Facts - History
Laser Tag Fun Facts – History

One of the laser tag fun facts lies in its history. Laser tag was introduced in 1979 but it was played as a game of Star Trek phaser. Then the game of Star Trek phaser soon evolved into a game that can be played both indoors and outdoors. The indoor arenas are completely dark and have walls with glow-in-the-dark stickers.

On the other hand, for the outdoor laser tag, you’re often surrounded by nature and natural winds in contrast to air-conditioned rooms. Instead of walls, there will be bunkers for you to hide from your opponents.

2. Laser Tag Accommodates Large Groups

Laser Tag Fun Facts - Accommodate large groups
Laser Tag Fun Facts – Accommodate large groups

One of the most exciting laser tag fun facts is that this game can accommodate up to 12 people at a time. That’s a lot of participants! But it’s still possible. We live by the phrase: The more, the better! In addition, Laser tag also has different game modes which consist of 10 lives, 25 lives, and the individual where you’re all on your own. All laser tag games are super fast! So keep your eyes peeled on your enemies and protect yourself from getting attacked.

3. Laser Tag Is A Non-Contact Game

Laser Tag Fun Facts - Non-contact game
Laser Tag Fun Facts – Non-contact game

Unlike most team-building games, laser tag doesn’t require you to have physical contact with other players. In addition, none of the players has ever gotten injured or hurt themselves during a laser tag game. Unless you’re a little clumsy, be more careful! This is one of the laser tag fun facts that not many people know.

4. Laser Tag Is Surprisingly A Great Workout

Laser Tag Fun Facts - Workout
Laser Tag Fun Facts – Workout

Most of us do not like going to the gym as it drains most of our energy, especially when we do not have any motivation.

Not to worry, The Fun Empire is here to ensure that you have an enjoyable time sweating it out. Laser tag is not only about shooting and guns. It’s a game that ensures you will run around throughout the game. You will not realize that you’re trying hard to dodge the laser from your enemies. In just 10 minutes, you are likely to find yourself perspiring. You could go on for another 5 rounds and that would be an amazing workout session. Furthermore, you’re doing it with your friends or colleagues so it would be fun! This is one of the lasers tag fun facts that players liked the most.

5. Laser Tag’s Equipment is Light-weight And Easy

laser tag fun facts - Light-weight and easy
laser tag fun facts – Light-weight and easy

This is one of the laser tag fun facts that brings you convenience. Most laser tag items are heavy as they have a gun for you to hold and a vest for you to put on. However, the items of Fun Empire’s laser tag are much lighter in comparison. We have our guns sprayed in 2 colors for you to differentiate between teams. Also, the guns are similar to the size of a standard nerf gun. In addition, players do not have to wear a vest during the game. This makes running around, dodging, and hiding much simpler as there is no additional weight on you.

We have come to the end of this article, we hoped that you have a better understanding of laser tag fun facts after reading this article.

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