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5 Types Of Exciting Laser Tag Games [2024]

Laser Tag Games

Best Laser Tag Games
Best Laser Tag Games

Laser Tag is the game for you if you are someone that loves a thrilling, intense, and realistic simulated combat experience. Laser tag does not require any physical contact and hence it is safer in general. This is simply because you can shoot someone even from a distance!

This article contains the 5 types of laser tag games that Laser Tag Singapore offers, Furthermore if you like more information, you can check out here 10 Things You Need to Know About Laser Tag!

Best Laser Tag Gameplays

1. Free For All

Laser Tag Games - free for all

Free For All is one of the most played laser tag games. Before starting the game, players are split into 2-4 teams. Each player will have a respawn box placed on his or her side of the arena. All players must take note of these 3 things:

  • Shoot as many people as possible.
  • Survive by staying in the game.
  • Learn how to use your weapon along the way.

The benefit of having the respawn box is being able to revive yourself after getting tagged. However, you need to quickly step out of the game to the respawn box before the time runs out! Go back to the game again and start attacking your opponents. This game is usually a warm-up, so you can shoot anyone till you’re satisfied!

2. Capture The Flag

Laser Tag Games - Neon Laser Tag
Neon Laser Tag

Similarly, for Capture The Flag, all participants will be split into two teams. Each team needs to appoint a King who’ll be wearing a bib. It is up to you to strategize on how you would protect your King without getting him tagged. The ultimate goal is to protect your King to your opponent’s home to capture the flag and back to your base. If your King dies first, you lose the game!

3. Elimination

Laser Tag Games - Laser Tag
Laser Tag

Elimination is one of the most competitive laser tag games. The aim of this game is to eliminate all your opposing team members. Each player will be given a number of lives which also means that they can be tagged several times before they get eliminated. When you have no more lives left, you have to step aside and observe the game. Please do note that the laser is sensitive and it can even capture what’s coming ahead if you’re hiding behind a bunker. Be extra cautious!

4. Medic

Laser Tag Games -Neon Laser Tag
Neon Laser Tag

In this game, the medic is the most important role; each team has to appoint of the players to be a medic. Everyone will be given a certain amount of time to eliminate as many players as possible from the opposition team. As a player, you need to try your best to eliminate first is the opposing team’s medic. As long as your team’s medic is still alive, you can run to your medic, get healed, and be back in the game. By eliminating the opposing team’s medic first, the players can’t revive and continue the game.

5. Battlefield

Laser Tag Games - Neon Laser Tag
Neon Laser Tag

The Battlefield is one of the most interesting laser tag games. New vests will represent the mines that will be positioned at random around the Laser Tag battlefield. It will explode at intervals of time or at a specified rate depending on the setter. The mines can be set as invulnerable where nothing can be done to stop them. However, if it’s off that mode, you can shoot to disable the mines for a while. Players will be given a warning before the “explosion”. So if you happened to miss the signal, you might just get tagged!

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Laser Tag Games

All in all, laser tag is a fun team-building game that helps to improve team chemistry and team relationships, suitable for lots of events.

We have come to the end of this article, we hoped that you have a better understanding of the different types of laser tag games.

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